Charlène Fichot

Graphic designer - landscaping, image & multimedia - website integration

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  • Under redesign: new CV, new website - 03/01/2017

    After more than 6 years of existence, this portfolio really needs to be refreshed!

    New CV already online
    & redesign of the website due soon...

  • End of studies - 21/10/2011

    My life as a student is coming to an end and I've got the good luck to finish it with a flourish!

    Indeed, I have just got my professional degree in landscape graphic design with the expected distinction and I am moving to the South of France for my first job next week.

    A new beginning is coming...

  • Update - 14/08/2011

    I'm making the most of the holiday to update my portfolio.

    The CV page and its PDF version have already been up to date and other modifications on which I'm currently working are planned too, after this year working in the field of landscaping.

    Besides structural improvements on the website, in the coming days you will therefore find new productions in landscaping... 

  • News of the beginning of the year in 2nd degree - 12/02/2011

    Few updates during last months, while I shared my time between course one week per month and work in agency the rest of the time

    My work objects and different in both cases: in the design office, I mainly draw plans and profiles on Autocad and I make up brochures, slides shows or panels for publishing on Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. As for my course in the landscaping highschool, it is especially turned toward CAD lessons on Autocad, Skechup and Artlantis.

    I will not publish for now the documents I work on in the agency for professional secrecy as projects are in progress, but you can find in category Portfolio a few creations done during my course weeks, particularly in 3D.
  • Overhaul of my portfolio - 21/06/2010

    As it was planned, the overhaul of this portfolio is in progress. As you can see, the new graphic design has gone further and new contents will be added as i will go along.

    Coming very soon, the rest of the English translation, my last productions recently done in the end of my degree and new creations, notably in 3D...

  • Change of way - 16/05/2010

    After one year in Grenoble, I decided to study something new. Heading for Dijon/Tournus at the start of the new school year hopefully, for a return to basics in a professional degree in Landscape Graphic Design as an alternation course.

    An overhaul of the website is consequently planned, as soon as I get ahead with my work placement report...

  • Work placement - 25/03/2010

    End of studies! From now on, I'm doing my traineeship in the web agency Eolas in Grenoble. Graphic design and integration rhythm my days, CMS and CSS are my new daily partners.

    No more homework at night also means a new design for this website coming...

  • Justine ma Fleuriste - 22/03/2010

    After Incorruptible, change of domain, end of winter and foretaste of spring with a touch of flowers...

    It's the turn of Justine ma Fleuriste's website to emerge in lessons of webdesign.

Last productions

  • 5 years later... - 03/01/2017

    Yes, in 5 years we have changed! 

    5 years have already passed since I started my current job as an graphic designer in the renewable energies.

    Therefore my references have changed too: communication supports, plans, photomontages...
    My portfolio as it is does not reflect what I am really doing anymore.

    >> Soon, a complete redesign of this website with my achievements in pictures!

    See the other works on photographs

  • Paysage, paysage... - 16/08/2011

    As it was planned, a new category has come to complete my portfolio: my last productions in landscaping.

    CAD,presentations, photomontages, 3D... This year has been rich in novelties in this fascinating sector opening to me, for full-scale graphic design!

    See the other 3D pictures in landscaping

  • Spring time - 03/04/2011

    Spring is here and I take my camera out again to immortalize nature coming back to life.

    A few spring photographs of trees in bloom...

    See the other photographs

  • My debut in 3D course - 12/02/2011

    The main thing of the first part of my course has been focused on 2D and 3D CAD:

    • Autocad for 2D plans and ground modelling,
    • Sketchup for 3D modelling,
    • and Artlantis for 3D rendering.

    A few examples of my debut in landscape representation in 3D are visible in category 3D Pictures.

    See the other 3D pictures

  • Dovepress - 15/09/2010
    Creation of a set of business cards and matching letterhead and of a promotional insert that are consistent with the current visual identity of the group.

    See the other business cards

  • Street 3D - 14/07/2010

    New in 3D: modelling of a street made with Maya 6.0 under from two different angle shots.

    Another modelling in progress and online soon to complete: a house and its garden...

    See the other 3D pictures

  • Photography - 07/07/2010

    A new category has been added in my portfolio: photography.

    In this category, you will find shootings from subjects that fascinate me, such as photographs of the beauty of nature, landscapes, the sky or animals...

    See the other photographs

  • CNCCEF - 10/06/2010
    Extensions of a graphic template and integration of the organization's website during my work placement at B&D Eolas in Grenoble, France.

    See the other websites

  • Justine ma Fleuriste - 22/03/2010

    Graphic design, integration and development of a currently factual website for a florist, during webdesign lessons during my degree in Visual Communication in Grenoble.

    (xHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)

    See the other websites